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Smelling something fishy? Our experts will investigate the broker’s validity and credibility for you.



Ended up with a not-so-legitimate broker? We’ll file a complaint and get to the root of it.


Fight Back

We ensure that you get what is rightly yours with legal proceedings and robust evidence.


Fund Recovery

Your seamless recovery ends here. Our aim is to get your money back and win your case.

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We aid you, we guide you, and we get your money back.

If we don't win; you don't pay any fee!

We prepare to win. Our experts handle your financial matters with timely, transparent, and thorough strategizing. We proficiently fight scams within the Cryptocurrency, Binary, Forex, and other markets.

  • Money recovery with an unfaltering caliber.
  • Serving clients across 22+ countries.
  • No Win, No Fees!
  • Transparent and timely solutions.
  • Has accomplished 92% win rate globally.
  • Digital Forensic Experts

We influence lives! Our services aid victims of financial turbulence with timely wealth recovery.

Whether you’ve lost money in your capacity as a trader, shopper, or online user, we’re eligible to help you in our capacity as a consultant, recovery agency, legal aid, or simply with support and information.

Fund Recovery

Fund Recovery

We’ve got on board an energetic, dedicated, and skilled team that can recover your money, despite the complexities of a situation.

Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement

We facilitate settlement of the debts that have been overburdening you over the years. No more going back and forth with your debtor.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

We handle critical matters with due diligence. With thorough research and analysis, we make the right decisions and stand by them.

Chargeback Assistance

ChargeBack Assistance

We accept chargeback requests and resolve them for you. You no longer have to worry about handling disputes with your merchant.


Bitcoin Scam Recovery

Our services assist bitcoin traders in recovering their investments manipulated by unregulated brokers or fake trading platforms.

Wallet Fund Tracing

Wallet Fund Tracing

Regardless of whether you’ve lost your wallet or were locked out, our experts will help trace it for you and reinstate your access.

Guidance For Binary

Guidance For Binary

Offering hope and constant guidance for misled binary options traders.

Asset Management Contracts

Asset Management Contracts

Protecting you against asset management contracts plotted to fail you.

Forex & Token Frauds

Forex & Token Frauds

Alarm traders against Forex or Token frauds.

Container Leasing & MLM

Container Leasing & MLM

Puts a break to container leasing and multi-level marketing schemes that defrauds users.

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Molding Fund Recovery services that best fit your requirements.

We’re a financial pioneer that leads the way to easy recovery solutions and safer market access. While successfully regaining your money is a part of the process, we also create awareness on popular scams that go around.

More Details

Scams we helped our clients recover from


Money we got back to our clients so far. Join us in your pursuit of lost funds.



We are here to aid you


Online Scams

The swarm of digital scams has disabled numerous.


Banking Fraud

Banking should secure your money, not the other way around.


Credit/Debit Card Scams

A secure and safe banking source but still not foolproof.


CFD Trading Scams

High-risk assets (not only profit-wise).

The scams we work your way out of.

Scams are prevalent, period. And not everyone manages to get out of one unhinged. We are here to do exactly that.

The number of ways cons work their way to your money is truly impressive. Online scams swarmed in and took naive traders and users aback with their intelligent plots. The scam can play out either while carrying out simple banking activities or making credit card payments.

Whether you ended up making the wrong credit card transaction, got caught up with a CFD scam, or an online scam you were least expecting, Financial Fund Recovery can get you out of it.


Forex Scams

Trade with currencies but not shady exchanges.


Cryptocurrency Scams

Crypto is enticing but so are huge promises; choose wisely.


Binary Options Scam

Keep away from the duality of scammers, not of Binary Options.


Online Dating Scams

Fall in love, not for scams.

The growing buzz of cryptocurrency lured many naive traders into its realm, and many ended up in the wrong hands.

Forex exchange is enormous, and regulation does not come easy, thus leaving the window open for scammers to hop in. The brokers often portray impressive achievements, positive feedback, and interact online; this is how cryptocurrency and binary options scams work.

They even go as far as approaching people on dating platforms, forming a relationship, and then playing out their gimmick. Our motive is to accomplish a scam-free trading environment and aid the ones who somehow ended up with any of them.


Ask what’s on your mind & we’ll make a genuine effort at answering every question for you.

If you prefer resolving your query in a one-on-one session, we’re one email or call away. Our consultants are ready whenever you are!

Fund recovery, also known as investment or resource recovery, is the process of retrieving your money stuck with scammers or dishonest merchants. Fund recovery operates in three main steps—identification of the issue, in-depth investigation, and recovery of funds and assets. After verification of the merchant or broker, appropriate legal actions are taken.

Debt consolidation is a method that combines your multiple debts into a single loan. It assists the borrower in improving their credit scores, extending the term of payment, enabling better management to their balances, and more. Although it’s a complicated process and your credit scores might drop off at first. But the benefits it gives to your finances is worth giving a thought over.

Yes. Money illegitimately lost in scams can be recovered with the assistance of experts who have the knowledge and skills to excel in this field. Generally, the recoverable amount is dependent on the intricacies of the case. That explains Financial Fund Recovery’s whole existence and purpose to serve as a recovery agency.

Debt settlement is a service offered by financial firms that work in favor of a debtor. It coordinates with the creditor or bank and negotiates a deal. The debtor can pay less than what they owe and finalize their debts with this service. It benefits the borrower with favorable credit scores. However, it might only work if the debtor faces hardships with their finances.

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