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Financial Fund Recovery has been updated regarding instances of mailing with public domains from various fraudulent who pose as professionals, fabricating themselves to be an authorized representative of Financial Fund Recovery making false promises and asking for sensitive details about your credit card and other payment options. Use of public addresses like johnfinancialfund@gmail.com, financialfundrecoveryofficial@gmail.com are common email addresses that are used for such practices. is always advised to never entertain such emails and only entertain those ending with the domainname@ financialfundrecovery.com In any case of grievance, you can write to use at info@financialfundrecovery.com to ensure about the genuineness of such emails or calls. Our registered domain financialfundrecovery.com is the only one that is legal and no other domain, private or public is there, as per our knowledge. Do note that Financial Fund Recovery cannot entertain any such complaints when it comes to dealing with such carelessness from a customer.

Recovery Procedure

Get your money back


Check A Broker

Our experts can help verify the validity and credibility of your broker.


File A Complaint

Met a dishonest broker? Let our specialists handle the case for you.


Fight & Dispute

We support your case with thorough evidence and fight for your rights.


Recovery Your Money

Our services ultimately aim to recover your lost money and win your case.


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We Conflict Financial Matters For Our Clients

We proficiently raise disputes for money back against frauds within the Cryptocurrency, Binary, Forex, or other markets. Recovering your lost money is effortless with our inexhaustible caliber.

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Secure your funds 100% with our fund recovery.
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Fund Recovery

Our firm's attorneys and IT team are best-in-class with the best equipment to recover your money.

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Debt Settlement

Our attorneys will fight your case with the debtor and help to settle it with minimum capital.

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Due Diligence

Our team takes your case seriously, and with the experts in charge, we get you the best results.

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Charge Back Assistance

Get your falsely charged bills recovered with our assistance. We initiate your chargeback requests.

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Bitcoin Scam Recovery

Recover your bitcoins lost to an unregulated broker or scam with an incredibly challenging team.

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Wallet Fund Tracing

Our trained experts vigilantly deal with cases and trace wallets to ensure assured fund recovery.

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Scam Alert


Constant guidance for binary options traders

Binary options lead to potential gains or complete losses. Our services secure our customers from any fraudulent pitfalls.

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Alarming our customers on forex trading frauds

With a rise in fake forex exchanges and manipulated trades, alarming our customers and creating awareness is our priority.

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Identifying the growth in ICO or Token Frauds

Tokens exchanged for Bitcoin or Ether that regulate fraudulent mechanisms often cheat investors with zero liquidity

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Container Leasing represents high returns

Although container leasing indicates an incredible offer, the investor is often delivered a worn-out container for a lower value.

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Multi-Level Marketing strategies or Ponzi Scheme

A hoax scheme that fools investors with high earning potential, Financial Fund Recovery spots such schemes in an instance.

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Contracts linked to Asset Management

Asset management contracts entered by scammers barely fulfill their promises. Our services ensure you retain your rights.

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Online Scams


Banking Fraud


Credit/Debit Card Scams


CFD Trading Scams


Forex scams


Crypto currencies Scams


Binary Options Scam


Online Dating Scams


What Our Client’s Say’s


Oliver L


I was overburdened with ample debts;Financial Fund Recovery has been my savior aiding with improved payments with consolidation.


Isla jones


I could successfully recover my lost fund in SILVER TRADE SCAM with the help of the Financial Fund Recovery Team. Thank You, Team!


Emily J


Financial Fund Recovery is the top fund recovery choice for any trader or investor struggling with shams and deceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Fund recovery, also known as investment or resource recovery, is the process of maximizing the value of unused or end-of-life funds through effective reuse or divestment. Fund recovery has three main elements—identification, redeployment, and divestment.

Debt consolidation linking multiple debt balances into one particular loan is likely to increase your credit scores over the extended term if you use it to pay off debt. But you may see a decline in your credit scores at first. That can be OK, as long as you make payments on time and don't rack up more debt.

A DMP may be a great option if the following refers to you: you can manage the monthly payments on your preference debts (such as rent, council tax, and mortgage) and your living expenses but are trying to keep up with your loans and credit cards.

Debt settlement companies settle with creditors to decrease what you owe, often on unsecured debt like credit cards. Settlement offers work alone if it seems you are unable to pay at all, so you stop making repayments on your debts. Instead, you start a savings account and put a monthly payment there.

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