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Are You Facing Difficulties Logging into Your Exodus Wallet From Your Old Device?


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You are using your old device. You then try to open Exodus wallet, but cannot access it. It is quite annoying to find that it’s your own e wallet, but Exodus does not allow you to use your own money.

Financial Fund Recovery is an Elite investment recovery agency.  Financial Fund Recovery has a positive history of getting victims their money back.

Common problems users face using Exodus:

This world revolves around electronic devices, be it Mobile, or Desktop, or Laptop.  The rate at which technology evolves these devices gets out dated very fast. Applications for these devices are also evolving very fast. It is then logical for the user to keep updating their devices.

There are also times when a user has to resort to an old device. Reasons may vary from device repair to its theft.

If the user happens to be new to a crypto currency app, then they feel helpless even more. Some think that it was a bad decision to invest in crypto. They acknowledge this situation and in future refrain from trading in crypto. Thus these potential users lose their opportunity at attaining potential financial growth. In worst case scenario some may even committee sucide.

Yet Exodus has posted resolutions on many social media platforms. But still there are chances where the users may not get their money back.


Exodus has its own interest to safeguard. It is a large entity. The users on the other side do not have the appetite to drag Exodus in the court. Even if the users do take them to court, Exodus would most likely settle the matter outside the court. Thus denying the exact reimbursement of the user.

Financial Fund Recovery is a recovery agency. Our business revolves around getting the victims the money they deserve.

If you are a victim to any online fraudulent activity/ scams? Don’t wait. Consult us right away! And we guarantee that you will get your due money.

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