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Did You Lose Your Coinbase Login Id & Password?


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Not being able to log into your account can be an unfortunate event. Moreover, repeatedly trying to log back in can result in you being shut out of your Coinbase wallet. Thus, Financial Fund Recovery suggests users to let the specialists handle the solution technically. 

We are an exclusive fund recovery agency ensuring traders don’t lose sight of their funds. Whether you want to recover your account or money trapped in your Coinbase account, we’ve got the mastery in the field. Consult us immediately, and we’ll work our way to release your account and funds. 

Bridging the gap between how and why you might be facing login issues, we’ve listed some reasons that you need to be thorough with;

1.Can’t Recall Your Password & Email Id?

It can be chaotic if you lose track of your Coinbase password or email Id. We already know they contribute as a fundamental factor to your login procedure. However, with the various accounts and login credentials that every individual manages, anyone is likely to forget such small and complex details. We know it can be a bother but don’t panic just yet.

2.Two-factor Authentication

Coinbase offers an option that lets you recover your account. Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security that users can add to their accounts. If you haven’t set up for this option, things can get complicated. However, if you did set up for two-factor authentication and haven’t received any links or passwords, the reasons could be the following;

  • You changed your mobile number 
  • The authenticator app isn’t synchronized with your device 
  • You gave a landline number (Landlines won’t receive any codes or texts, and there is no additional call feature)

3.No Access to Your Mobile Number 

Plenty of our clients come with this concern, “I can’t log into Coinbase with my new mobile number; what do I do?” We can feel the hesitation and confusion that tags along with such a circumstance. When you upgrade or change your number, there are many things that you need to back up or restore to your new number. If you’ve missed out on one thing, that’s not a sin! 

We can assist you with this! Generally, a mobile number and password linked to your Coinbase account are crucial. For instance, if you were to update your number, you’d still need your password to log in and gain access. But, don’t you worry, we’ll help unlock your funds.

4.Can’t Receive any Pin over SMS 

Wondering why you can’t receive a pin over SMS, despite putting the correct mobile number to use? Here’s why;

  • Your inbox is full
  • You need an internet connection to receive codes on apps like Google. 
  • You probably don’t have the authenticator app installed on your device.
  • Coinbase sends the pin only on the authenticator app instead of the SMS 
  • Lastly, if you’ve requested the pin several times, the system may have halted for a while as a security measure. The service will then resume after the completion of 24 hours.

 5 .Unable to Reset Your Password 

Does this ring any bells? If you’ve tried resetting your password, you know this step is complicated and doesn’t come as an easy solution. But, unfortunately, many a time, it fails. Why?

It’s funny, but you need to know your old password and other login details to reset your password. It’ll keep rerouting to the same page. It’s recommendable that you only try the password reset not more than twice as your account is likely to get blocked.

6.Email Address Recovery Won’t Work For You.

The recovery process can be tricky if you’ve forgotten your email address. To carry out the recovery, you’ll require three things- your password, registered contact number, and two-factor authentication pin. Unfortunately, it means if you don’t possess either one of these details, you can’t retrieve your email address.

While these are some possible login issues, it’s best you consult an expert to detect and resolve such technical queries. Any delay or repeated attempts at logging in can push things out of control. With Financial Fund Recovery, you can progress with solutions that’ll free your funds and account. Our qualified team comprises analysts, technicians, detectives, and more who can assist in making the process swift, efficient, and result-driven.

Consult us immediately, and we’ll ensure you acquire access to the funds in your Coinbase account!

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