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Facing difficulties logging into Coinbase from my old device


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Are you sick and tired of staring at the Coinbase Login page that won’t let you through? It’s hard to understand how that could happen with a device that you were previously logged into. Right? 

There is no point in consistently trying when it brings you back to the same page. Exploring more into why you might be facing this issue becomes unavoidable. Hence, specialists at Financial Fund Recovery have studied and laid down some possible reasons why you might be tied to such hurdles. 

Two-Factor authentication

If you remember setting up a 2FA for your Coinbase account, you’ll receive a verification code each time you login. Coinbase will deliver the code at the contact number you have synced with your account. So if you’re using a different device than the one initially associated with your wallet, then the 2FA might be causing the hindrance.

You can remove the 2FA feature or update your contact details to fix this, but then again, you’ll need to login first to make those modifications.

Forgot Password 

Do you keep bouncing back to the page that flashes “incorrect password”? If yes, you already know what the underlying issue is; there isn’t much to research here. 

 How do you resolve this concern? You can try resetting your password or some combinations to make for the password you initially set up. However, it’s advisable to make a maximum of 2-3 attempts only; anything beyond that is likely to get your account frozen or blocked.

Can’t Receive an Email

When accessing your Coinbase wallet from a different device, the first step is authorizing the device. Next, a user receives a confirmation link on their email address that further requires action to approve their access. If you haven’t received any emails, you can scan your trash or spam section. You might have to save Coinbase’s email address to ensure that their mails aren’t directed to the spam folder.

If you can’t remember the email id associated with your account, you’ll need Coinbase customer support. You can reach out to them by raising a ticket. To regain access to your account without your email id would require other details such as your password, user id, verification code sent to your phone number, or two-factor authentication. If your email id has been compromised, they might temporarily disable your wallet.

In either of the scenarios, raising a request and getting your wallet recovered will take an extended duration with Coinbase.

Can’t Recall Your Registered Phone Number?

If you are vague about the phone number that’s linked with your account or don’t have access to it, gaining entry into your Coinbase wallet can get arduous. Especially if you took up 2FA, you wouldn’t get past the sign-in screen without a security code delivered to your registered contact number. So, again, Coinbase would insist that you reach out to them to resolve this issue. 

Logins Delayed by Coinbase 

If you are unaware, Coinbase does cause delays to your logins with an intent to add more security to your account. If you use an unrecognized device for 2FA, they might not send any codes or limit your access. Although such delays are uncalled for, their effort at securing your account isn’t invalid.

How Do You Log Back In?

In recent times, many of our users flooded in with this concern. At Financial Fund Recovery, we evaluated the circumstance and its intensity to learn it is a familiar issue among Coinbase users. Being a recovery agency, we’ve assisted hundreds of users who could not access the money invested in their e-wallet.

So if you’re agitated about such login issues, you can reach out to Financial Fund Recovery this instant. With our knowledge, experience, and skills, we can help recover your wallet, cryptocurrencies, funds, or even your lost security key. So don’t be waiting in line to find out that it’s too late. Consult us now!

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