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We can understand the detestable situation you’re dealing with. It can be disturbing to learn that your wallet holding multiple assets isn’t accessible anymore. Further, the thought that your entire portfolio may be at risk can drive you restless. However, If you want to gain access to your funds without going through the complicated process, consult us immediately!

Financial Fund Recovery is an elite recovery agency that supports digital traders and users from losing their money across the globe. With a record that sets apart thousands of commendable experiences, we ensure that your money is secure and not stuck anywhere. 

Commonly Faced Login Issues 

Exodus is a popularly known wallet that helps users securely trade and manage cryptocurrencies. It operates with both- a mobile and desktop version. We’ve recently got plenty of requests from users who have been facing issues while logging into their accounts. 

Do you want to brush up on why you might be dealing with such glitches? 

Let’s get right into it!

Inability to Retrieve Your Email ID & Password

A top concern among traders is losing a track of your email id and password. But, first, let us not forget the fact that passwords play a vital role. If you lose your password and cannot retrieve it, then not even Exodus can be of any help. 

Further, your password encrypts the private keys and assets on your device. Therefore, it implies that although you have access to your device, you won’t be able to view your private keys unless you remember the password. 

Wallet backup

Exodus users generally get an option to create a backup to their wallets. On requesting a backup, a user receives a link on the email. The link leads up to a copy of a recovery code. The sad news is that the backup will only restore your wallet when decrypted with your password. Finally, it means that you won’t be able to move further without your password. 

12-word secret recovery phrase

Your account is encrypted with a 12-word secret phrase. It works as a master private key for all of your assets. It’s also referred to as seed or secret phrase. While the first four words of your 12-word phrase can help you recover your account, multiple failed attempts can put you in more trouble than good.

IP Address 

Every device operates with a different IP address. If you are using your laptop to log in and trade on Exodus, all your private keys are originated and stored there. Exodus keeps no backup to your password or private keys on their server. Hence, losing your account details somehow seems like a dead-end.

If you’re stuck in a similar situation, it’s advisable to seek expert assistance. Generally, too many failed login attempts can lock you out of your account, making your money inaccessible. Financial Fund Recovery can make things effortless and stress-free for you. We can recover your account and your money. Reach out to us at the earliest, and our trained staff will promptly handle and resolve such concerns.


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