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I Can’t Log into My Mobile Phone That I Initially Logged in to Coinbase


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There isn’t anything as frustrating as dealing with login issues. It’s a series of go-arounds that keeps you stuck on the same page. But, it’s a whole new story if we refer to wallets such as Coinbase. Again, it’s a matter of your money. The distressing part isn’t that you can’t access your money temporarily, but the fact that it could turn into a lifelong position.

We’ve come across so many Coinbase users who attempted everything to log back into their wallets and eventually sacrificed their funds. Financial Fund Recovery takes a planned approach to assist such troubled users in recovering their money. If you’re facing difficulty logging into your Coinbase account, consult us instantly, and we’ll render rapid and result-driven solutions.

1.You’ve Logged Into Another Device.

Coinbase wallet links the private keys and 2-factor authentication to the IP address of a device you’ve used to register and log in. So if you’ve accessed your account from a different device, you’ll need a 2-factor authentication pin to log back into your old device. It could be a complex process if you can’t recall the contact number you registered for backup or can’t receive the code.

2.Problems with Biometric Verification

Did it cross your mind that biometric verification for your phone can be a matter of concern? It isn’t a joke! If you change the fingerprint utilized for the biometric verification for your device, the updated details can make your Coinbase account inoperative. You might have to re-import your wallet by following a few technical steps.

3.Airdropped Tokens 

The term “airdrop” refers to the free tokens and cryptocurrencies dropped or given to a wallet. Its goal is to promote and create awareness about new cryptos by offering them free of cost. However, many promoters bring fake digital coins to the market and manipulate you into sharing your authentication code. So if you’ve shared your 2-factor authentication pin with anyone lately and are unable to log into your account, you know airdropping scammers could be a reason behind it.

4.Install or Upgrade the Authenticator App 

If you’re logged out of your Coinbase wallet and can’t receive a pin, it could be because you haven’t installed an authenticator app. Another cause could be that you haven’t adhered to the follow-up upgrades. It’s been known that Coinbase sends out verification codes through such apps over SMS. 

5.Registered Contact Number 

Another essential factor is the contact number that’s registered with your account. Once you link a number, you’ll receive verification codes on the same contact number. If you plan on switching or updating the contact details, you’ll need to log in first and then make the necessary security changes. 

6.Coinbase’s KYC

Coinbase has initiated a KYC drive that has logged out most of its users. As a result, the users must comply with the identity verification process to log back into their wallets. Although the KYC process is simple, it can get lengthy and complex if the user fails to verify their identity. 

All of the reasons summarized above are likely to significantly impact your Coinbase account and portfolio. Any amount we invest is put forth with an intention to grow the underlying amount. On the contrary, in scenarios like these where users deal with login issues, your invested funds are more at threat of being trapped or lost for good. 

However, at Financial Fund Recovery, we find such losses in funds unacceptable; the only acceptable loss is money gone down due to market price fluctuations. Therefore, we take a step forward and assist users like you who are struggling to release their funds. 

Contact us before it’s too late, and we’ll get back to you in a moment! 

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