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Problem with Exodus support team:

 Being a user of Exodus, it is liable to answer all the queries faced by the user. There have been cases where the users are trying to contact Exodus, but they cannot connect. The users of the Exodus are at a loss. They feel neglected and cheated.

 Financial Fund Recovery is an Elite fund recovery agency. Financial Fund Recovery’s primary focus has always been working in the client’s best interest. As a result, we get justice for victims of online scams and fraudulent activities.

Problems faced by the Exodus Users:

 The user of Exodus faces the same problems as any other cryptocurrency app. The company has FAQs on its site and generalized resolutions for common queries. But it is not always enough.

 1. Login Issues:

 Issues like forgetting user id and passwords are common. Login issues are the most common queries for Exodus.

 2. Different IP Address:

 Most, if not all, may face the problem of logging into the application from a different system. Even using proper login credentials, the application would not let the user log in to the app.

 3. Difficulty to login in Exodus:

 Without any prior intimation, many users could not log in to Exodus. The users had used their registered user id and password, but still, they could not log in. 


When a user gets in touch with the client-support, the user feels assured that the company will take care of the query. Talking to customer care reduces the stress of the users. The user’s trust factor in that company increases.

The users of the Exodus are at a loss as they cannot withdraw or trade from the app as they have no one to hear their plea. The number of tickets resolved is less than the number of users who cannot log in.

In some cases, Exodus has the authority to the user’s cryptocurrencies. But they fail to restore the user’s current number of holdings.

If you have been a victim of such a scenario, feel free to contact Financial Fund Recovery. Financial Fund Recovery deals with such problems faced by the victims. So consult us! and we will help you in the recovery of your funds.  

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