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Possible Reasons for delays in your Forex Withdrawal

Common Forex Withdrawal Issues

  • Longer Waiting Duration
  • Restricted Withdrawal/ Rejected withdrawal requests
  • Shows no account balance
  • Blocked account/Logged out of your account

Why your forex withdrawal process is delayed

  • Haven’t met Forex withdrawal limits/ insufficient balance
  • Incomplete documentation
  • Open forex trade
  • Forex scam

What can you do about it

  • Reach out to the support team and assess the problem
  • Report to your regional authorities
  • Keep an eye out for forex trading scams
  • Resolve the withdrawal problem with us

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What is Forex?

Foreign exchange is a market where currencies are exchanged and traded for profits.


Forex Withdrawal

When you plan to cash out your forex investment, it is known as forex withdrawal.


Withdrawal Procedure

Generally, an online withdrawal should take 24 hours or approx 5 business days in case of a delay.


Delays in Withdrawal

Sometimes forex withdrawal delays occur due to local bans, bank issues, etc.

Everything One Needs To Know About Forex Withdrawal Scams

Like other financial scams, Forex Withdrawal Scams have become a severe threat to forex trading beginners who are unaware of such problems. Since new investors quickly buy into brokerage services without any knowledge, these fraud companies manage to pass as a dependable and recognizable entity for a while.

Few of these brokers may even allow the traders to make some money in the initial phase to make their services seem credible.

Eventually, the users’ funds are held captive. The forex fraud broker may undertake any of the following executions;

  • Make it mandatory that you satisfy some set conditions to become eligible for a withdrawal.
  • Claim that they would hold the right to conclude whether you qualify for a withdrawal or not.
  • Impose excessive forex withdrawal fees, commissions, or forex tax implications on your funds.
  • They brush off the user by dodging calls and avoiding any other form of communication once the user requests withdrawal.
  • Disappears in thin air.

Forex Withdrawal Problems

If you are unable to access your funds, you might be dealing with forex withdrawal problems.


Forex Withdrawal Scams

Fraud brokers promise attractive returns and eventually rob your funds.


Unanticipated Taxes & Fees

Many brokers hold your funds back and demand huge fees and forex taxes without prior intimation.


Resort to Fund Recovery

With Financial Fund Recovery, you can recover access to your locked forex funds.

Ways To Avoid Forex Withdrawal Scams

Foreign exchange is an extensively profitable market that attracts many scammers. Since these scam investment companies disguise themselves as advanced service providers facilitating unrealistic returns, it becomes vital that a trader learns how to spot and identify them. This can further assist in avoiding such scams. Here are some precautionary steps that a trader can adopt;

  • Conduct detailed research before you sign up with a broker.
  • Confirm that they are licensed and regulated.
  • Check whether the returns they ensure are in sync with the market standards.
  • Don’t fall for promises.
  • Check their forex withdrawal process, limits, and other essential details.
  • See what everyone is saying about the broker.

If there are any significant red flags, you should avoid connections with such brokerage services.

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Forex trading is a legitimate market that deals in the exchange between foreign currencies. However, some imposters and fraud exchanges make it challenging for the forex traders to identify their intentions, thereby freezing their withdrawals and running away with their funds.

No, some forex withdrawal delays could be due to genuine reasons such as insufficient balance, withdrawal limits, bank holidays, mode of payment that takes long (for eg. forex wire transfer withdrawal may take up to 10 days.), etc. But that doesn’t rule out the chances of a forex withdrawal scam.

You can start by addressing your concern and seeking support from the exchange. But, if they seem unresponsive, you can report it to the authorities and can file a complaint with Financial Fund Recovery, who will then investigate the case and help you recover your money.

Fund recovery, also known as investment or resource recovery, is the process of retrieving your money stuck with scammers or dishonest merchants. Fund recovery operates in three main steps—identification of the issue, in-depth investigation, and recovery of funds and assets. After verification of the merchant or broker, appropriate legal actions are taken.

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