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As Milverton residents are tricked by a ‘bogus charge’ scam, OPP issues a warning

According to the OPP, the police were summoned to a Milverton residence after a person reported falling victim to an online fraud.

According to the police, they found that the victim had gotten a pop-up the previous day warning them that their computer was infected with a virus and advising them to phone a number to remedy the problem.

According to the police, the victim gave the con artists remote access to the computer. The hackers allegedly then took the victim’s personal information. Police said the victim provided the con artists with her credit card information and they charged her $940.

Police are cautioning locals to remember that they shouldn’t let anyone use their computer if they don’t make the call.

Additionally, they advise against giving out personal, banking, or credit card details to anyone unless they are certain of their intended recipient. A trustworthy business would not request the information unless the customer or client called them first.

Additionally, police advise citizens to avoid clicking on links or attachments that are from strangers, to keep their anti-virus software updated, and to avoid downloading anti-virus software from pop-up windows or websites.

Additionally, they advise against clicking on any pop-up windows that indicate your computer has a virus and to keep the pop-up blocking option on your browser enabled.

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