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“Crypto King” to be Sued for Defrauding

Aide Pleterski, trader and self-proclaimed “Crypto King,” 23, is being sued as he failed to repay about $35 million to investors. The Canadian trader lost $2 million worth of property to authorities, along with two McLarens, two BMWs, and a Lamborghini.

Pleterski assured clients of substantial profits by putting money into his ability to make profitable cryptocurrency and foreign exchange deals in his company, AP Private Equity Limited.

Diane Moore is one of the creditors who trusted him; she invested the $60,000 she had set aside for the higher education of her grandkids. Pleterski agreed to give her 70% of the profits he made by trading and giving her money back in full if things went south. The contract guaranteed biweekly returns of about 10-20%. Sadly, only $10,000 of the original capital is still in play.

Moore is now not sure if Pleterski ever actually traded or if he stole from investors purposefully with his investment strategy. She is one of the 29 creditors suing Pleterski for $13 million in a bankruptcy case.

Another investor took legal action against the “Crypto King” in the form of a Mareva injunction, claiming a loss of $4.5 million. This puts a global freeze on all of his assets and financial accounts.

About 140 investors provided information to help the investigation.

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