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Involved in $8,050 worth of e-commerce scam, man arrested in Singapore.

In Singapore, an 18-year-old male was detained for participating in e-commerce fraud schemes totaling roughly $8,050. The accused, Alden Christopher Tan Choong Siang, was allegedly defrauding people by selling bogus tickets to Marquee, the largest nightclub in Singapore, according to the nation’s police department. In July of this year, the Marquee reopened when the Covid limitations were loosened.

He allegedly tricked a victim into thinking he had authentic Marquee tickets. On July 29, the victim gave Tan an advance payment of S$1,020. On July 31, information regarding the con reached the police.

Tan was identified as the offender after a careful inquiry by the Commercial Affairs Department. He was captured on August 10. According to investigations, Tan committed 30 e-commerce scams totaling roughly S$8,500.

The group he used to advertise the tickets was called “SG Clubbing” on Telegram. People who frequent night clubs can buy and sell tickets there. According to reports, victims were tricked into paying upfront to enter the nightclub.

Tan may spend up to 10 years in prison and pay a fine on each count of cheating. Tan’s case has been postponed until September 8 while the inquiry is ongoing.

Additional victims emerged.

Some group members reportedly believed there had been misconduct in their interactions with a man named “Adam.” According to reports, a user previously contacted Marquee’s manager to ask who this merchant was. The manager informed the man that the tickets were only offered for sale online on August 6 and that it was a fraud. Additionally, he was informed that there were a finite number of tickets.

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