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Never let your dream vacation turn into a nightmare: How to Avoid Travel Scams


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How to avoid travel scams

The Better Business Bureau warns that as winter approaches and people begin to fantasize about warm places to escape to, it is critical to be aware of an increase in the number of cases of travel scams.

The BBB national scam tracker traced many reports of travel scams, including false airlines, booking websites, and contact numbers.

In 2021, BBB’s scam tracker disclosed 339 scams that involve travel. The total report on travel scams in 2021 on the BBB’s scam tracker exceeded $350,000. The frauds vary from time lost and personal security information jeopardized to tens of thousands on any single report.

Most reports indicate that customers book a flight or vacation deal through what seems to be an authorized site or a major airline contact number.

But after the booking, customers never got an email with a booking confirmation or information about the journey. Several customers do not receive the details when they book.Scammers contact others as soon as the “deal” expires or is canceled.The fraudster then offers a distinct deal for a higher cost.The fraudsters request customers give credit card information or make more purchases by canceling the previous “deal” and booking another.

How should a scam be reported?

Customers stated that they got in contact with major airlines and determined that the book details were nonexistent. The tourists were abandoned at the airports after only a single authorized ticket purchase, while others have reported many repeated charges being made after the initial purchase.

Tips to identify a travel scam:

  • The Better Business Bureau provides a reminder to customers to ensure that the site or contact details are from an authorized business or verify with the airline before paying or giving personal details.
  • Be aware of the websites used by third parties to purchase flight tickets.
  • Just because the travel website appears good doesn’t mean it is worth trusting.
  • No matter who you suspect may be on the phone, I would recommend never giving out personal information to an unsolicited caller,” as mentioned by Akron, the President of the Better Business Bureau, and Chief Executive Officer Shannon Siegferth. “If you suspect a scam, hang up.” If you feel the call was legitimate, verify the number independently and then call back. Do not feel pressured by time or let “a deal” limit your due diligence in proper research of any organization prior to purchasing.
  • Siegferth even offers the suggestion of going through the website of the firm, checking reviews, and performing a verification of the firm to see if it is an accredited business with the BBB.

Siegferth stated, “We advise consumers to ensure the company they are looking to purchase from clearly and prominently provides a direct and effective means to contact the organization.” This includes a phone number, physical address, and email address.

  • BBB said that as with any fraud, it is vital to be cautious if anyone is requested to send money in advance, through a wire transfer, or by using a gift card. It is essential to directly communicate with their bank or other financial institution if they are suspicious of fraudulent charges. Their bank or financial institution will contain an accurate account of their transactions and will conveniently be able to know if their account has been hacked.
  • If it seems excellent enough to be correct, then most likely it is.

The fraudsters continue to emerge and roll out their approach. Don’t be under the impression that you’ll never be a victim of any type of fraud. The BBB conveyed that it visualizes scams occurring to people of all age groups and that it is necessary to remember that all of us can be targets.

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