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romance scams hitting millions globally
romance scams hitting millions globally

Romance scams hitting millions globally

romance scams hitting millions globally

Romance scams are getting common with changing times. As technology advances, people have become so self-centered that working out and meeting different people seems hard. It is so hard that people depend on online websites to find their perfect life partner. Little do they understand that they are in for a toss, and there are millions of scammers there waiting to scam them.

These scammers create false profiles and make them look real. Initially, they try to win over the victim’s trust by giving them help, be it financial support or emotional support. It goes on a period, and soon after, by the time the scammer has won over the victim’s trust, they think it’s a good time to repay the favor.

They start stating that they want to travel to a foreign location, and for that, you need to send cash to them so that they can manage the plane tickets and living. Other demands involve saying that their family member has fallen very sick, and as a result, they often need some cash to cure them.

First, most of the scammers used to ask for a personal favor, but now things have improved because people have understood that directly asking for cash is nothing but a scam instead. Hence, understanding the fact that most people end up ceasing to the emotions, all one needs is to win over the victim’s trust, and that’s it.

Because they have already won over their trust, the prey ends up sending the money to them at one go. After getting the cash, they vanish in thin air, leaving the victim with nothing but a lower bank balance.

We recommend you to communicate with someone on a dating app only if they have a tested profile. Constantly look for that blue symbol before swiping right, to prevent romance scams.

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