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The photo of a girl admitted to the Hospital is from the occurrence of a car crash in 2021 in Australia.


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Image of hospitalized girl is from a 2021 car crash in Australia, not recent crash

Social media users worldwide share the same photos of a young girl who they state as an unrecognized sufferer of a dreadful accident.

“We Need Your Help To Identify this little girl who was riding her bike and got involved in a Hit & run (sic) a few hours ago in #Riverton,” is read by a Facebook post dated December 5th, which was shared about more than hundred times in four days. “Unfortunately, the Deputies are not able to identify her because she has no ID with her. The suspect is currently on the run & the girl is still unconscious in Hospital. Please bump Post so that Family can see (sic).”

Social-media-post dated December 5th seems to be quoting Riverton, Utah, as the posting about it was done in a Facebook group for that location.

But the police department of Riverton and other local authorities mentioned that no such thing occurred in their respective locations. One image indicates a girl who was hurt due to a car crash in Australia in 2021. An expert in disinformation had formerly told USA TODAY that fraudsters make such posts to help them in the identification of potential victims.

The photo indicates a girl hurt in a crash that occurred in 2021 in Australia:

USA TODAY was informed by the cops of Riverton about the claim being false.

“We have no records of this case,” as stated via an email to USA TODAY by Cmdr. Shane Taylor. “After further research, this post is not legitimate for adjacent agencies or us.”

In many locations, the organizations of law implementation where the spread of the declaration occurred had also deflated it in social media posts.

In the posts, one of the photos complements an image that’s considered in a report of March 2021 presented by Daily Mail Australia about a girl aged four years who was admitted to a hospital after the occurrence of a car crash in Brisbane. The mother and grandmother of the girl were murdered in the head-on collision, which the outlet announced.

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