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EuropeFx Scam
EuropeFx Scam

EuropeFX Scam

EuropeFx Scam

The EuropeFx scam has been a nurturing parent to all the doubts and misconceptions developed among traders. “Is it even a scam?” as some may ask in retaliation, while the clueless traders ponder in imagination, “Is EuropeFx legit?”

Financial Fund Recovery had its detectives dig through the scandal to answer these questions and bring awareness among many. Our article covers every detail you need to learn. It gives a summarized view of how they operate or their ultimate truth.

If you are new to trading, this write-up is just for you. However, we’re confident that you’ll be familiar with how scam suspects like EuropeFx operate by the end of it. Contrarily, if you’re an expert at trading, you can still expand your knowledge and understanding with us.

EuropeFx Scams

What is EuropeFX?

EuropeFx is a broker known universally for its forex trading services(of course, that explains the fx in its name). While it specializes in forex, it also assists traders with stocks, metals, and bonds. As a provider, it focuses on offering high-grade support and a commendable self-serving platform.

Is EuropeFx Regulated?

EuropeFx stands as a regulated firm under the CySec (i.e., The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). EEZ (The European Economic Zone) approves CySec as a regulator. It hints that the broker is free to carry out their operations in the overall zone.

Here’s a brain-twister; if it’s regulated, then how is it a violator?

It’s a fact that CySec approves of EuropeFx, but that doesn’t justify or prove its innocence. The regulator also holds a tarnished image of authorizing firms and businesses that seem sketchy.

Is EuropeFX Scam or Legit?

If you haven’t known, EuropeFx also sells as an advisory. Now, what’s wrong with giving out investment advice that works as a guide to the investors. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. But, it turns out to be the reason for most of its customers’ frustration and trust concerns.

It’s also quite true that being a broker and an investment advisor doesn’t go hand-in-hand. But, again, there’s a rational explanation behind it.

  • A broker would be more interested in them making money over the trader’s profit-making. They’ll be more likely to pick short-term investments that keep their income flowing.
  • On the other hand, an investment advisory solely focuses on the trader’s profitability. That’s what they get paid and hired for. So they’ll suggest a long-term investment if it has the potential of fetching the trader more returns. A broker might not do the same.

Thus, the two roles clash in terms of decision-making or service deliverance. However, providing both services in no way interprets that the enterprise falls out of the legal ambit. But it’s not like EuropeFx has a good word going around about its operations. If any, there is evident rage and dissatisfaction among its clients.

“Is EuropeFx Legit?”, We’re back to the same old question. As complicated as it is, Financial Fund Recovery aims to clarify all the doubts. Let’s sniff out all the facts, one thing at a time.

A synonym many users give to EuropeFx is “a pushy broker”. There are counter debates that it’s just an enthusiast of a broker. However, the oddly timed calls and $1000 for an initial deposit seem slightly out of line. Further, it functions with a large sales team that follows up with traders throughout the week.

One thing that makes us appreciate EuropeFx is that they do not charge any hidden fees. So we’ve got to give it to them; they’re transparent in that sense.

Declaring it a scam wouldn’t be right, especially since the regulators entrust them. Moreover, it is misleading to have hundreds of clone companies under EuropeFx’s name that defraud millions.

However, Financial Fund Recovery in no way encourages association with EuropeFx. In fact, it is one of the many suspected scams. Its negative reviews add up to the suspicion. Some rumors disclose how the EuropeFx scam hides under its regulated parent company.

In conclusion, So far, we’ve ascertained that EuropeFx isn’t a secure broker. Time and again, Financial Fund Recovery gives out warning signs to ensure trader’s safety isn’t compromised. For the same reason, our experts have put forth some warning signals to keep traders wary.

EuropeFX Scam Warning Signals

  • The firm violates the regulations.
  • The regulatory authority has published warnings or has banned the firm.
  • Your account is frozen, blocked, or suspended.
  • Your calls are no longer attended to, especially after your deposit.
  • You have been facing trouble while withdrawing your funds.
  • The broker is too pushy.
  • The website is taken down after your funding.
  • Makes false claims and ensures high returns.
  • They persuade you to invest more and more.
  • Request an oddly huge deposit without a strategic plan in place.
  • The investment advice given by the broker lacks knowledge and always results in losses.

What Do You Do If You Have Lost Money In EuropeFx Scam?

If you’ve gone wrong with your investments or pumped your money in EuropeFx, then you can always look up for fund recovery. It’s a relatively new and intelligent concept. Financial Fund Recovery is one of many firms that outdoes recovery services.

Our team holds some of the most experienced and quick-witted folks. With our thoroughly planned resolutions and steady workflow, we make sure to recover money lost by scam victims within 120 working days. Further, our firm policies, principles, and goals keep us marching forward.

Check out our website to see how we make a difference to the trading community. We release scam reviews and blacklist scammers to bring awareness. In addition, we ensure our clients with services that follow 100% of legal practices. Ultimately, Our constant efforts aim to grow the 92% of the case winnings that we’ve achieved so far.

Reach out to us for a free consultation. Whether it’s a transferwise scam, crypto fraud, big option scam, or any other digital scam, we’re here for you.

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