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Millionaires Blueprint Scam
Millionaires Blueprint Scam

Millionaires Blueprint Scam

Millionaires Blueprint Scam

Millionaires Blueprint Scam is a fraudulent practice that runs through scheming software. Three businesses are operating online with the same name. Upon investigation by Financial Fund Recovery, it was found that The Millionaires blueprint belongs to

The video presentation from Walter Green,, promises to create the very first “done for you” money-generating system that makes one a millionaire. The video on the website states the system has helped more than 400 people earn more than one million dollars in 90 days max. The best part? It is free to use. Pretty enticing right? But it is better to stay away from it. Know why here.

Learn more about the scam in this Millionaires Blueprint scam guide.

Millionaires Blueprint scams

About The Millionaires Blueprint

Millionaires Blueprint masters binary options trading and ensures advanced software that provisions excellence to customers. It resonates with a money vending machine with the help of videos that convinces traders to make traders into millionaires. It sure seems like a tempting offer. Millionaires Blueprint extends a 100% automated trading system that tempts its audience with its high winnings mark.

The Millionaires Blueprint partnered with another company that imitates as an online investment trading platform. Specifically, this online trading platform specializes in binary options, a particular kind of investment.

Binary options, an investment platform allows people to pick a certain stock will-call, or hike in value, or put, fall in value, in the course of a predetermined amount of time, spanning from one minute to six months.

Making the right choice about a stock’s behavior gives you an immediate return on your investment, up to 85% even. The presentation also states that their private members and your mentor guide you in making all the suitable investments that eventually make you a millionaire.

Is Millionaires Blueprint a scam?

Although it might appear to be a genuine and competitive firm, that may not be the case. Why?

The reasons aren’t too complicated to understand. Read on to know if there is a Millionaires Blueprint scam or not?

Let’s look at a few factors that tick off and direct us towards the probability of Millionaires Blueprint is a scam:

  • Paid & Fake Reviews
  • Ample Browser Pop-Ups
  • Overwhelming Profits
  • Hoax Claims
  • Unregistered Broker
  • Dubious Website
  • Has A False Scarcity Counter
  • Strives To Depict Believable Evidence Of The Absurd Profits
  • Guarantees A Free Software But Charges Eventually

These aspects ultimately indicate that the Millionaires Blueprint scam is evident and not an actual business.

As loud and blunt as the company is about their services and the software when it comes to delivering, they somehow ghost you. While it claims to sell the product with no expenses, it charges a $200 to $250 price. Though this price might not alert everyone, it still makes a difference for small-scale traders. Further, the traders gain nothing in return and somehow end up losing their money in the process.

Binary options are legal and also a real investment opportunity, but not the Millionaires Blueprint. Million Blueprint is in no way a fair and credible investment opportunity. According to their claim, the system is free, but you must partner with the binary options trading platform of their choice.

Regardless of the trading platform, you must deposit $200 into their account to get into trading. In addition, the following aspects paint the Millionaires Blueprint as a scam.

Repetitive Use Of Scam

Millionaires Blueprint is apparently not new in the trading system. They are allegedly using their old scam trading system repeatedly with updated ads to capture new users every time. Since the old investors were already drained off their money and are not big on investing in the system again, their primary goal is to get more and more novice traders.

Losing Trades And Falling Performance

The Millionaires Blueprint signals software recommended trades are losing. The ratio of these trades counted as Out of Money Trader indicates a loss of 70% and confirms that it is fraud software, not unlike most trading software. The system picks up the trades intentionally or randomly, and their brokers split the money with affiliate income.

Fake Video Testimonials

Millionaires Blueprint put out video testimonials that resemble the video testimonials of other fake trading programs out there in the market.

100% Cash Generating Program

In trading, there do not exist any shortcuts that can get you 100% profit. So, any program that assures you this kind of profit is a scam, blocklist it.

The Software is Claimed to be free.

Walter Green claims that the software is free to use, and there is no hidden cost to using it. But au contraire, they ask to deposit $250 into the broker account. In addition, they earn a commission when you add funds to broker accounts, but in reality, there is no telling that you will get profit in return which is assured by this fake trading system.

Let’s Sum Up The Evidence Against Millionaires Blueprint,

  • Trustable proof of profits: No
  • Fake testimonials: No
  • Exaggerated profits: Yes
  • Appears authentic: No
  • Fake scarcity counter: Yes
  • Free Software: No

How Millionaires Blueprint works?

The Millionaires Blueprint software is an output of a vast amount of financial data and analysis. It aims to provide software to the user who finds out the winning trade to earn more and more profits. The financial data and analysis software figure out the winning traders which users can use.

The software also gives you a notification every time you catch a winning trade. You will receive every binary signal on the software dashboard, and you can use it manually or let the software do it automatically.

Undoubtedly they have provided great information about their trading system, but it is still not a genuine trading software.

What Do You Do If You Have Lost Your Money to Millionaires Blueprint Scam?

Millionaires Blueprint is a complete scam, and we recommend keeping yourself at bay from this scam trading system. In addition, the trading system developed by innovative affiliate markets is a scam. However, if you have fallen for the Millionaires Blueprint scam, understand that your money is recoverable, and that’s the crucial part.

Hence, Financial Fund Recovery hires exceptionally skilled detectives, analysts, attorneys, and recovery specialists to ensure that happens. We vow to be the best in the business and have met our goals for over ten years. With more than $19 million recovered so far, we believe in eradicating financial offenses worldwide. So if you’re a Millionaires Blueprint scam victim, contact us and get your money back at the earliest.

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