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money transfer scam
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Money Transfer Scams

Usually, monetary or money transfer scams occur via strangers who execute a phone call or send an email regarding the cash prize or any other type of prize the person has won. In

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Job Offer Scams

Though the field of employment was always packed with scammers, they are becoming more prevalent in this era of digital modernization. In addition, the current economic downturn has made job seekers more vulnerable

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apple scam page
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Apple Scam Calls

A few years ago, there was a widespread belief that frauds primarily affected Android users and avoided Apple customers. But as we have received numerous accounts from consumers explaining how they fell victim

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Skype scam
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Skype Scams

The world has come closer to each of us through the click of a button. “The world” is slowly being replaced with a “Globally Connected Ambit.” All you need is a computer or

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Facebook lottery scam
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Facebook Lottery Scams

Facebook might not be paying as much tax in some areas as some people believe it should. It’s possible that it gave Cambridge Analytica unauthorized access to the data of millions of its

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Email scams
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Email Scams

Anybody could be the victim of email scams. It’s a terrifying idea that could make you feel nervous or panicky. Email scams, often phishing, use fake emails and websites to obtain sensitive data

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