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Snapchat Scams
Snapchat Scams

Snapchat Scams

Snapchat Scams

Snapchat, launched in 2011, captured many hearts by 2014 as one of the most preferable multimedia messaging platforms. It now reports over 229 million users, comprising teenagers and young adults. The app delights its users with features that enable taking snaps and videos with a bunch of fun filters, stickers, and more. But unfortunately, while it’s a suitable messaging app to interact with family and friends, the soaring Snapchat scams make things grave.

So if you’re a daily Snapchat user or your kids are on it, here are a few components that you need to be aware of;

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What Are Snapchat Scams?

Frauds across social media platforms such as Snapchat have been escalating terrifically. As a result, many users have reported suspicious activities on their accounts by hackers. Likewise, victims of Snapchat frauds have also lost money to such hacked accounts. Often, the scammers reach out to users from compromised accounts and give off a wrong impression; since users are oblivious to the account’s status.

While hackers make for one scam category, Snapchat has been bombarding with various other schemes. With all of their focus on extorting money.

How Does The Snapchat Scam Work?

Our study reveals that there have been multiple instances where user accounts on Snapchat were hacked and operated by the hacker without the user’s acknowledgment. Although scammers adopt plenty of ways, data breaching is a widely implemented practice. It is where the user’s details, including login data, are leaked.

The Snapchat money scams don’t stop there. Once they have hacked into a user account, the friends and contacts listed on their Snapchat are targeted next. The fraudulent parties act like account owners and reach out to people, requesting and seeking help. Some scammers initiate the scam with a painstaking plot, stating that they need financial assistance due to a wrecked car or that a family member needs critical care and medical support. Their objective is to draw out money from the contacts and depart when all their means are met.

Some scams involve blackmailing targeted users for money. For instance, the scammer may pose as a user struggling with technical aspects and may come forth as a friend looking for guidance. Their modus operandi is to gain the login credentials or other details, which allows them to threaten and milk money from the person offering help.

Since 70% to 80% of the Snapchat users make for the younger population, following influencers or connecting over videos and pictures, they’re merely aware of how such scams on Snapchat persist. Furthermore, many people have linked their bank accounts to Snapchat through the Snapcash feature. Although it makes transactions more accessible and effortless, it gives scammers a direct path to your money.

How To Confirm If A Snapchat Account Is Fake Or Real?

Although detecting a scam isn’t always effortless, however; with a spike in Snapchat scams, we’ve discovered some obvious indicators. In addition, it may help differentiate between a fake or a real Snapchat account.

Look out for any of these red flags;

  • An abrupt shift in their posting patterns or unusual behavior
  • If it’s a celebrity account, is it verified?
  • If there’s a default profile photo or none featuring
  • There is barely any engagement, or the posts are irrelevant
  • You’ve been spammed with messages that you would not otherwise receive from that account
  • If they are making any unanticipated requests

Types Of Snapchat Scams

Snapchat Premium Scams

It’s a frequently occurring scam where the account operator uploads videos and photos consisting of sexual content. The images posted by the premium snap scams involve women posing seductively or sexually, leading the viewers on. Eventually, they introduce a premium service where the onlookers can get their hands on nude images or request some moves.

The scammers resort to mobile payment channels such as the Cash app or other services. Once the payment goes through, they either vanish from sight or continue sending some engaging content to make more money. Either way, they fail you by failing their delivery of promised content.

Snapchat Meetup Scams

Another scam identical to the premium snap scams. The only difference that tears them apart is that the meetup frauds do not work around offering erotic content. Instead, they promise the user a face-to-face date for a great deal of money.

The scammers catfish users by pretending to be models. Such tricks tempt the users into sharing their bank or credit card details. The users do not receive any services against their money.

Hoax Money-Making Opportunities

It’s the age-old money-making scheme back with Snapchat. With all the attention drifting towards the digital world, scammers find space to take away an optimal amount. Generally, the page is operated by a brand ambassador that showcases a luxurious life, their transformation, and more to make it believable.

The users are requested a deposit or a signup fee. After getting the payment through, the user is blocked or ghosted.

Other Scams on Snapchat

A romance scam is similar to Snapchat meetup scams. However, unlike them, romance scams focus more on building an emotional connection and may or may not involve monetary theft. Catfishing scams also deceive users by posing as someone that they are not. Fraudulent parties also scam Snapchat users through distinct other schemes.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Snapchat Scams?

Snapchat fraudsters can get you unsuspectedly; hence, it becomes essential for every Snapchat user to learn a few protective measures. So if you’re onto your Snapchat, check the points listed below;

  • Do not disclose your login credentials or other sensitive data
  • Be cautious of suspicious links and avoid opening them if you’re unsure of their reliability
  • Do not give in to blackmails or threats
  • Verify with your friend if you notice an unfamiliar behavior
  • Safeguard your account with a strong password and two-factor authentication
  • Avoid adding strangers to your Snapchat contact list
  • Refrain sending money to a Snapchat user unless you’ve verified them
  • Don’t rely on Snapchat romance or dating offer

What should you do If you got scammed on the Snapchat Scam?

Most of these Snapchat scams go unseen until you lose something to them. Don’t blame yourself! While the scammers are the culprit, making a move against them would be the right way to go about it. So how do you do that?

Start by reporting the account and consulting a recovery agency. Financial Fund Recovery is a globally acclaimed recovery agency known for its high success rate. Their consultants address the issue over a free session. Your case is then taken over by attorneys, cyber experts, analysts, detectives, and more. Our team proficiently, dedicatedly, and collectively operates to recover your money and bring you uncompromised results.

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