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USI Tech Scam
USI Tech Scam

USI Tech Scam

USI Tech Scam

Financial Fund Recovery got many complaints about the usi tech scam, and many of our new clients are on board with us because of USI-TECH. Likewise, the SEC, FBI, FCA, BTIC, and CFTC have received similar complaints from scam victims who have lost millions of dollars after investing in USI-TECH.

As the matter demands attention, we’ve ensured that some of our best researchers and investigators get onto this case. As a result, we’ve listed a summarized view of usi tech’s fraud operations.

usi tech scams

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What is USI Tech?

USI Tech Limited (United Software Intelligence Technology) is an enterprise claiming to be the first automated bitcoin trading platform globally. Initiated in May 2017, their broad spectrum of services facilitates Bitcoin programs. It includes automated trading and mining for its users.

USI-Tech assures to help grow your bitcoins regularly. The enterprise operates two ways by giving an investment opportunity for the traders and offering business to investors who are willing to promote them for commission.

While it functions as a Dubai-based crypto and forex trading platform, it’s been anticipated as a Ponzi scheme dishing out high yield investment plans.

Is USI Tech a Scam or Legit?

While the USI Tech website features nothing about its founders and other team members, the question remains constant “Is usi tech: scam or not?”. Unfortunately, it appears that the firm lacks transparency. Further, its products and services aren’t well described either.

Our research reveals that their project has founders such as Ralf Gold and Joao Severino. These founders are known for their past connections in suspicious projects.

To be more elaborate, Joao Severino was one to be barred from conducting financial activity across Portugal. The primary cause for it was his contribution to a Ponzi scheme named AMC Invest. Ralf also participated in a list of similar Ponzi schemes like AdsProfitWiz, Upper Game, Mx Fast Money, and HourlyRevShare.

The enterprise runs its business from its headquarters in Dubai. But, contrarily, its registration number indicates that it’s registered with a Ras Al Khaimah location. These details don’t combine well or make any sense. Instead, they explain where all the bad reviews come from.

Joseph Rotunda, a director at the Enforcement division of the Texas State Securities Board, says that the scammers pulled away from the victims, an estimate of hundreds in a million dollars. However, before vanishing with the funds, USI Tech moved its site from a .com (i.e., a top-class domain) to a .io domain. Furthermore, it also turned up with a group of similar domains.

How Does USI Tech Work?

On paper, it has simple work, and the company mines a specific cryptocurrency on their client’s preferences on behalf of their clients—the mining increases as the investment of the client increases.

They offer different packages to different clients. These packages hold BTC, ETH, ADA, LTC, and many kinds of cryptocurrencies. The company was started in the mid of 2017 and was operational till November 2018. The company has successfully scammed clients for more than 400 million dollars in just two opening years.

The Securities Commission of the USA and many other countries have been tracking the company’s owners for quite a lot of time now. As a result, many experts have commented that the owners have many accounts in the UK, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and UAE.

They kept changing their cryptocurrency wallets to accept investments from clients and transferred crypto from one wallet to another. Many clients reported that they were asked to buy cryptos from famous platforms and well-known cryptocurrency traders. Then, later, in the long run, they told users to send the currency to unknown wallets.

Our researchers found out that USI-TECH had listed multiple accounts in Cyprus. In addition, the company had numerous accounts in many countries listed under shell companies, not just this one country. Many foreign agencies like the SEC, FBI, FCA, BTIC, and CFTC are still finding more data about the company and its working managers and leaders.

What To Do If You Have Lost Money in a USI Tech scam?

If you have fallen for the usi tech scam, we can help you claim your lost money from the scammers. Financial Fund Recovery is a scam recovery specialist that initiates and proceeds with legal backing. We have an excellent group of lawyers, advisors, researchers, consultants, and other experts on our team. They work collectively and dedicatedly to protect your interests and your funds.

Financial Fund Recovery designates legally compliant officers and serves as a lawful redressal undertaking. A record of 92% win rate shows how our services strive towards making a difference. In addition, with our free consultation service, you can have the experts analyze your case.

Instead of silencing your voice, We urge victims to fight against the deceitful ones. With a Customer support staff that works around the clock, Financial Fund Recovery assures 100% results. We also extend clarity, followed by our classified agreement signed with each customer. Financial Fund Recovery generally dwells by a timeframe of 120 days and endeavors at recovering funds earnestly.

Here are some warning signs that we suggest you look out for before investing in any service;

  • The provider has many negative reviews.
  • The platform is unlicensed or unregistered, making it unauthorized to operate in its industry.
  • It has a massive sales team that keeps pressurizing and spamming you.
  • They keep insisting that you pay more money.
  • Shows certificates, achievements, experience, and reviews that are fake.
  • It blocks you off or stops attending your calls once you invest your money in them.
  • They offer big deals, rewards, or ensure to bring something valuable against your funds.
  • You are locked out of your account.
  • The platform is suddenly taken off the internet, or the website is shut down.
  • You notice an anonymous and unexpected withdrawal from your bank account.

If you encounter any of these red flags, you can verify your provider with us, report them, or claim your money.

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