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WhatsApp hijack via scam calls


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Whatsapp Hijack via scam calls

Our phone has become an essential part of our life nowadays. The necessity of it is not only confined to making and receiving phone calls. From sharing media files to making payments, we are highly dependent on our phones. So is the usage of some social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat etc. WhatsApp is an app that not only provides its users with instant messaging service but also facilitates voice and video calls, media file sharing, etc. And so the process of Whatsapp Hijack has become easy. Not to speak of scammers that exploit this platform’s versatility for their own advantage.

Moreover, the pandemic has made us more reliant upon it in a brief period of time. As one would expect, scams and sharp practices also flourished and became more prominent in the meantime.

Failing to conform with the regulations, scammers have become quite a nuisance, compelling us to seek countermeasures. So it is necessary to possess an insight into their modus operandi.

To keep you updated about these scams, we are going to discuss some basic doubts regarding WhatsApp scams that frequently occur in our minds.

Can a scammer hack my phone through a phone call?

Though it is not a very frequent thing that happens, some experts believe that it is possible to garner a little information like locations, etc., via a scam phone call. Generally, it is not feasible to hack a phone directly through a phone call, but scammers make it possible by bluffing in the pretense of someone else. Impersonating someone may manipulate their target into providing WhatsApp OTP, which later they leverage into the account takeover process.

However, one is very less likely to lose authority on the phone over a scam call, but the call we receive with no one responding on the other end excites fear in us. The situation can often occur due to a network issue, but as claimed by experts, these ghost calls, also known as “phantom calls,” may emerge as a part of network intrusion, which later may lead to Toll-frauds.

So it is necessary that you exercise caution while receiving calls from unknown/ wrong numbers to avoid being a tragic protagonist in another alarming tale.

Can hackers get info from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp scammers have devised many ways to get access to our private data, as they work as valuable assets, bringing them a fortune. Sometimes it is hard to consider real how our information is easily procurable while WhatsApp assures them to be end-to-end encrypted.

Not only through account takeovers, scammers can also keep an eye on their target’s activities utilizing the loopholes in WhatsApp. Such a loophole supports scammers in facilitating data intrusion with remote code execution, using media files and GIFs. These malicious media content and GIFs hold the potency to compromise their targets’ accounts.

In addition, there are a bulk of paid third-party apps that scammers take help from, while perpetrating data breaches that linger unhindered in the market. Online communication platforms like WhatsApp can get hacked easily by insinuating certain apps in others devices.

Such a malicious app, WhatsApp Pink, officiates account cloning to garner their targets’ sensitive data. This was an ingenious strategy where scammers first dispersed a link claiming to turn the WhatsApp’s theme to pink when installed. Without users’ knowledge, it compromises their accounts as soon as it has been activated.

Can you get scammed from a WhatsApp call?

WhatsApp Hijack of accounts over a call seemed a myth until the news of Israeli firm NSO Group’s perpetration came to light. Unfortunately, a WhatsApp account can get compromised over a phone call as scammers have found a way to deploy spyware by only placing a voice call. The strategy known as Pegasus Voice Call Hack is named after the spyware Pegasus. The scam makes us flinch over the fact that accounts are prone to get hacked even when the call is not picked up.

The spyware that makes other accounts yieldable is deployed in devices via the buffer overflow method. A small buffer packed with codes generates an overflow. Ensued by the overflow, a code gets written to a location which later provides the scammers permission to perpetrate mischief.

Not only do the text, media, and files we share via WhatsApp get intervened, the scam is rampant enough to exploit the victim’s camera and microphone while peeking through them.

Can someone hack my WhatsApp without my phone?

Unfortunately,someone’s WhatsApp data is attainable even without having access to their phone. Scammers who register their target’s WhatsApp number to another device can easily do Whatsapp Hijack.

Moreover, as the WhatsApp Web option facilitates feasible accessibility of WhatsApp through desktops, it opens another way for scammers to hack accounts. People should be aware while logging into someone else’s device as people with evil intentions can turn on the “keep me signed in” option and exploit your account for their own benefit.

Can someone hack my phone by texting me on WhatsApp?

Considering scammers’ innate propensity to cause us harm by employing diverse methods, we can conclude they can intrude anywhere they want. Although WhatsApp text never leads to data breaches directly, it is the spywares and sometimes ransomwares that approach us with WhatsApp text, bluffing in pretense.

As previously mentioned, by opting for ideal precautions one can avoid falling for these ingenious traps laid by scammers. Inasmuch as WhatsApp authority is still working on its security every day; the users should also keep the app up to date to lower the possibility of losing control over their account.


If you suspect your WhatsApp account is hacked, you can confirm it by checking the recent activity on your WhatsApp account. Go through the call history and recent texts, and look through contact information and privacy settings. If you see any changes that you did not make, consider opting for countermeasures.

You can enable the proxy support feature by opening "Settings" in WhatsApp and then, Click on storage data > Click on Proxy > Activate the toggle > Enter Proxy address > Save

You can enable two-step verification by finding it within the "Account" option available in WhatsApp "Settings." To activate it, you need to provide a six-digit pin followed by an email address.

Parental support on WhatsApp provides parents control over their children's activity on WhatsApp. Through this feature, parents can protect their children's privacy by preventing unwanted people from seeing their children's profile information.

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