Online Romance Scam Recovery

Who knew it was possible to find love on the internet? The dating apps that have been developed in recent years have become so popular that young and adult people alike are using them to find love and companionship. And the scammers have not left this hub either. They have started creating fake identities and started sweet-talking with people to gain their trust and affection. According to the FBI, $1 billion people reported losing money to romance frauds in 2021.

It’s during these times that online romance scam recovery firms come to our aid. These firms can help us get our money back.

How does Online romance scams work?

Online romance scams take place not just through dating apps but also through social media or any other way. Their main goal is to contact you. Once the contact is made, they introduce themselves using fictitious names and tell you that they are either a doctor or military personnel or work abroad (which is not at all true); anything to lure you in.

Romance scammers will profess intense feelings for you in a short period and recommend that you take your connection off the internet and into a more secure communication channel, such as cellphone, mail, or instant messaging.

Scammers will make considerable efforts to pique your interest and gain your trust, including lavishing you with affection, giving ‘private information,’ and even delivering you gifts. They may spend a long time building what appears to be a once-in-a-lifetime relationship, even buying tickets to see you but never showing up.

When they have your trust and your guards are down, they will ask you for money, presents, or your banking/credit card information (either discreetly or outright). The fraudster often claims that the money is needed for a personal emergency. They may, for example, pretend to have a seriously ill relative who requires immediate medical attention, such as a costly operation.

The scammer may even say that they wish to visit you but are unable to do so because they can’t afford it at the moment and ask you to send the money instead.

Types of Romance Scams

The majority of romance scams begin innocently. Scammers may establish fake accounts that appear as enticing as possible, then wait for victims to contact them and initiate contact. Alternatively, they may approach victims directly, professing shared ground or a distant, mutual relationship. The list is endless after a scammer has you engaged. Following are some types of internet love scams.

  • Military Romance Scams

Fraudsters may exploit the identity and likeness of a real soldier in military romance scams, or they may build an entirely phony profile. They send letters that look to be genuine, perhaps portraying themselves as widowed and nearing the end of their careers. Military language, titles, and base locations abound in the texts, making them impressive. Once an emotional bond has been established, money is requested to set up a good internet connection, pay for travels home, or supplement ostensibly limited military medical coverage or retirement preparation.

  • Code verification scams

One of the most prevalent Tinder scams is this one. It starts with an email or text message requesting you to confirm your Tinder account. Tinder may send you a notice claiming that it is updating its information and that you must authenticate your account. Then, the scammer invites you to validate your account by clicking on a third-party website. After you click through, you’ll be asked for personal information such as name, address, phone number, Social Security number, etc.

  • Malware Scams

Malware is a widespread online threat, even on dating sites. A match on Tinder, for instance, may have multiple discussions with you before offering you additional information on their website or even false Facebook or Instagram pages. These pages, on the other hand, are not genuine. Instead, you’ll be taken to a website that carries malware and spam, which scammers can use to steal your personal information, resulting in identity theft and financial fraud.

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